Managing the Translation Process

Prioritize Jobs on the Jobs Dashboard

Account Owners, Translation Resources, and Agency Account Owners, working in the New Experience, can now prioritize Jobs on the Jobs Dashboard using the Priority Jobs feature. 

Priority Jobs allows Account Owners to denote Jobs that are of top priority and importance by clicking the star icon beside the job name on the Jobs Dashboard.

Agency Account Owners and Translation Resources are able to view and filter for starred Jobs and prioritize accordingly. 

This feature is not available to Requesters, however Account Owners can prioritize Requester Jobs upon authorization.

This feature is currently not available to Project Managers.

Working with Priority Jobs - Account Owners

To prioritize a Job, simply select the star next to the job name on the Jobs dashboard. This will mark the Job as high priority. You can undo this action at any time by clicking the star.


To view Priority Jobs, click the High Priority preset search.


From this filter, you can drag and drop jobs in order of priority. Vendors will be able to view jobs in the order you have placed them.



Working with Priority Jobs - Agency Account Owners and Translation Resources

Agency Account Owners and Translation Resources have the ability to view prioritized Jobs, as set by the Account Owner. Agency Account Owners and Translation Resources can not edit prioritization of Jobs.

Prioritized jobs will appear with a star next to them in the Jobs dashboard.


You can also filter for High Priority jobs using the Priority filter. The order of Jobs seen within this filter is the priority of Jobs set by the Account Owner users on the account. To view all Jobs that are not prioritized, filter for Standard Priority.


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