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Monitor Translation Status and Apply Translations in Sketch

Once your content has been submitted to Smartling, you can monitor the translation progress and apply completed translations to Sketch from Smartling from the Translation Status page.

Alternatively, a Smartling user can download the translated files from Smartling and manually import them into Sketch. 

Accessing Content's Translation Status

  1. Launch Sketch Desktop App
  2. Open the Photoshop file that you submitted for translation
  3. Click Plugins > Smartling > Translation Status. Here, you will see status details including:
    • The submitted file name
    • The date the content was submitted to Smartling for translation
    • The date the Job is due
    • The Job name hyperlinked to bring you directly to the Job in Smartling
  4. If the file has been translated into a language, it will be marked as "Completed" and already selected - ready for you to open in Sketch by clicking Apply Translations.

Translation Status Actions

  • Click Cancel Translations to remove the file from Smartling. The Job will still exist, but no content will be available to translate. This allows you to submit another page for translation under the existing Job.
  • Click Apply Translations when the language is complete to retrieve the translations from Smartling to Sketch. More detail on this below.

Applying Translations 

The percentage beside the target language indicates how many strings have reached the final step in Smartling - published. Ideally, you should wait until the Translation Status indicated that each language is Completed, and all translations are published before applying translations.

If you apply the translations before the language is completed, you may find some strings in your Sketch page untranslated, as seen in the example below.


Each time you apply translations, a new page is created under Sketch Pages for each language. The target locale is appended to the end to indicate a translated page (e.g. Page 1 [French (France)]).


To Apply Translations from Smartling to Sketch

  1. Under Pages, click the page you submitted for translation
  2. Click Plugins > Smartling > Translation Status
  3. Select the target language you want to apply to your Sketch page (which should be completed)
  4. Click Apply Translations
  5. A translated copy of the design page will be created (as seen in the image above)

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