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Apply Translations in Figma

After you've submitted Figma content for translation, you'll need to check on the status and apply the translations when they're completed. It's important to note, that you'll download the translations one Figma page at a time. Downloading page by page allows the Figma designer to have full control over when the translations are applied to the prototype.

To check translation status and to apply your translations, please follow these steps:

  1. Launch Figma Desktop App
  2. Open Figma prototype
  3. Now select the Figma page from within the prototype that you'd like to check the status for as shown below:

  4. In the Figma menu (top left), click Plugins > Development > Smartling > Translation Status
  5. On the Translation Status screen, you'll see some valuable information that can be used to locate your file in the Smartling system. You can find the name of the Job that was submitted along with the name of the file that was submitted. Feel free to pass this information along to your translation team if you have questions about the translations.
  6. This status screen indicates when each language is finished with translation. By default, the plugin will select any languages that are Completed. You did not need to wait for all languages to complete beforehand. Simply select the completed languages and click Apply Translations. The translations download instantly.

  7.  Once you've applied the translations, you'll notice that we create a new page for every language. Each language is considered a new page within Figma. You can add new content, change content or make any modifications without having an impact on the source page.

  8. After you adjust the layout so that all translations are properly displayed you can create an offline file for each language, if needed.

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