How to use Smartling to Translate Content

Attach a File to a Job with Job Attachments

Job Attachments allow for reference files to be uploaded to a Job for additional context for Translators. The Job attachment is accessible to all users who have access to the Job in the dashboard and to Translators in the CAT Tool.  These files are non-translatable and do not go through the translation workflow or count in word count estimates.

Content must be in a Job to upload a Job Attachment.

Example Use Case

When translating Adobe InDesign files, attaching a JPG or PDF export of the InDesign document in the original language, and providing instructions about the document, you can create an excellent reference for translators to help them understand the context. Remember that not all translators can open the IDML file, so Smartling strongly recommends that you provide context via instructions.

This article will guide you through:

User Permissions

  • Upload: Any user may upload and attach any file to a Job from the dashboard and CAT Tool.
  • View and Download:  Any user who has access to the Job may view and download any file attached to a Job from the dashboard and CAT Tool.
  • Delete:  Account Owners and Project Managers can delete any file attached to a Job.  All other users can only delete the files they have uploaded.

Supported File Types and Limitations

  • Supported File types:  Any file type can be attached to a Job.
  • Maximum file size: 500 MB.
  • Maximum file attachments: Up to 50 attachments.
  • Only one file can be uploaded at a time. Bulk-upload may be supported in the future.
  • Only image files can be previewed. All other file types must be downloaded and opened locally.
  • Job attachments are not visible in the Transcreation Tool or Review Mode.

Job Attachments in the Jobs Dashboard

The paperclip indicates the number of Job Attachments that have been uploaded with the Job. Click the paperclip to open the Job Attachment list where you can view, download and upload Job Attachments. 


Job Attachments in the Job Details

  • Enter the Job Details page by clicking the Job name
    • Job Attachments are found in the left column of a job's details.


Upload Job Attachments in the Job Details

  • Under Jobs Attachments, click Add Attachments > Upload Attachment
  • Click Browse to open your locale drive and select a file to attach
  • You have the option to provide additional information in the Attachment Description field
  • Click Upload


Job Attachments in the CAT Tool

Any user who has access to the Job in the CAT Tool can view, download, or upload Job Attachments from the Job Attachments list.

Job attachments are located in the Job Attachments tab, or under Additional Details, beside Attachments.


Job Attachments list

The Job Attachments list is where you will find all attachments for the Job. You can open the Job Attachment list anywhere you can find the Job Attachments:

  • From the Jobs Dashboard, click the paperclip
  • From the Job Details, click View Attachments
  • From the CAT Tool, click the Job Attachments tab or View Attachments, under Additional Details.

This opens the Job Attachments list where users can;

  • Upload another attachment: click Upload Attachment
  • Open the attachment: click the attachment name (image files only)
  • Download the attachment: click Download
  • Delete the attachment: click Delete



You can upload an attachment to a string from the String Details dialog. This works in a similar was to Job Attachments, except the file is linked as a sting instruction to translators in the CAT Tool.

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