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Translating Zendesk Support Macros using Dynamic Content

In Zendesk, a macro is a prepared response or action for support tickets.

Translating the macros is recommended if you want to have translated canned responses ready to go for common ticket responses by your support team. Although Zendesk does not directly support the translation of macros, you can essentially achieve this by using dynamic content

If the macro is configured in Zendesk to insert content, and that content refers to a dynamic content placeholder, the system will use the language-specific version of the dynamic content, based on the Requester's language. Therefore, if you use dynamic content in your macros, and translate those dynamic content items, you will effectively have translated macros.

For more information on how to configure macros with dynamic content in Zendesk, see the Zendesk documentation

When you're ready to translate dynamic content, see Translating with the Zendesk Connector.


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