Managing the Translation Process

Manage Issues via Slack

This article is to help Account Owners and Project Managers set up their Slack integration. Once it's configured, it can be used by any user in your team.

Smartling's Slack app sends Smartling Issues notifications to a Slack channel, and enables you to act on Issues (Resolve, Add Comment, Mark Answered) through Slack. Both translation and source Issues are sent, giving you full visibility over any communication on original source content or translations in Slack. 

The main benefits of using the Slack integration:

  • You don't have to be within the Smartling dashboard to address an issue.
  • Anyone in your organization with access to Slack can Resolve, Comment, or Mark Answered from within Slack. This is useful if someone in your team doesn't have a Smartling account. 

Add Slack Configuration

Before authenticating Smartling with Slack, create the Slack channels that you'd like the integration to post to.

To access the configuration page:

  • Do one of the following:
    • In the New Experience, click Account Settings > Integrations > Slack
    • In the Classic Experience, click Account via the dropdown at the top right of the navigation bar and then click Configure Slack Integration on the bottom left.
    • For Growth Edition, click Account Settings > API > Slack Integration Configuration Page
  • Click Add Slack configuration.slack_integration.png
  • Select your Slack channel and click Authorize.Screenshot_2021-01-15_at_19.48.29.png

You'll then see your channel's name, a dropdown list of projects, and a dropdown list of languages corresponding to each Slack channel.

Select your project(s) and language(s). This will automatically save and start sending new issues to your Slack channel. 

If no projects or languages are specified, issues opened in all projects and all languages will be sent to that channel.
The main use case for this integration is to manage Issues via Slack, for example: 

  • Send French issues from all projects to a French Slack channel.
  • Send all issues from a certain project to a specific Slack channel.
  • Send all source issues from all projects to a specific Slack channel.

Add Another Slack Configuration

To add another Slack channel to the configuration, click Add Slack configuration.

Remove a Slack Configuration

To remove a configuration, click the ellipses button and select Remove.

Managing Issues in Slack

When a new issue is created, a message will be created in the configured Slack channel.


If a new comment is added, the Slack channel will create another message showing the most recent comment.

If an issue is resolved, a comment will be created in the Slack channel indicating that the issue was resolved. 

Want to know more about the issues feature? Consult the Ask a Question and Manage Issues articles. 

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