Sitecore Connector

Sitecore Connector Version History

Version 1.14.3

What's New

  • Changed validation for Job Due Date field. Now it's optional and not prefilled for Create new job tab

Version 1.14.2

Bug Fix

  • Fixed continuous re-deliveries for arbitrary items. The issue could occur if the Sitecore locale code was different from the Smartling locale (es vs es-ES)

Version 1.14.1


  • Updated default list of Translatable Field Types. This is only useful for new installations.
  • Added support for data sources created by SXA. When you develop a site with SXA you could notice that Data Source in layout controls might look like this
    If you request translation selecting the "Search related items in presentation data sources" option, then those data sources will be properly resolved to actual items

Version 1.14


Important! This release may require additional migration. Please review the migration steps in this article before the upgrade.

  • Update external dependency (Polly.dll from v5.9.0 to v6.0.1) for compatibility with Sitecore 10 and above. Manual migration steps are required!
  • Reduced CPU load for "Update translation progress" flow. We optimized how we detect retranslated items


  • Fixed delivery flow items that were requested for two or more source languages. Previously, only translations for the first requested source language was delivered back

Version 1.13

For steps to upgrading to version 1.13, click here. This version requires an updated DB schema. You must complete the steps described in Upgrade to version 1.13.0


  •  Changed how connector calculates translation progress. It's a major change that affects delivery flow. Before v1.13.0 the connector used only authorized strings number in translation progress calculation. An example, a file has 10 strings in total and 8 strings are authorized. When 8 of 10 strings will be translated the connector will deliver translations. Starting from v1.13.0 the connector takes unauthorized strings into account. So for the previous example, the delivery will happen only when user will exclude 2 strings from translation or authorized and translate them.
  • Minor improvement in performance when we filter out items without source content from the upload queue. Every time when user requests items for translation the connector extracts localizable strings from each Sitecore item. If an item has no strings (invalid configuration; empty localizable fields) then such items will not be sent to Smartling and will be marked as Completed
  • Added 3 new indexes into DB table. This helps to reduce DB CPU loads for large setups (hundreds of thousands of submitted sitecore items)

Version 1.12


This new major release is fully backward compatible and doesn't require any migration steps.

  • Refactored update translation progress flow
  • Added additional error logging into 3 processors: UpdateStatuses; CheckRetranslated; DownloadTranslation
  • Updated SQL query for download processor so it should pull less data from the datebase now

Version 1.11.3


Improved performance for polling translation progress tasks. Removed unnecessary API calls in case when Sitecore item was submitted to multiple locales.

Version 1.11.2


  • Fixed the issue when the user requests multiple translations.
  • Limited the number of parallel uploads. All user's translation requests will be queued and processed by configured threads count.

Version 1.11.1


This release has major changes in how content is parsed by default. Some configuration changes can be required right after the upgrade.

Added the new configuration that controls how smartling parses the content of single-line text fields. By default, smartling parsed all fields as HTML. But in most cases Single-Line Text fields contain plain text. It becomes important when filed contains special HTML characters: &, <, >, ".
An example, you have a field Title with type Single-Line Text. The Title has value"me & you".

  • Old behavior: Translation will look like "yo &amp; tú" because the original string was parsed as HTML but & is not valid HTML character and it was converted to HTML entity &amp;
  • Starting from this release Single-Line Text will be sent as Plain Text and & will be kept as is "yo & tú"

There are two options on how to change behavior:

  • Disable feature in \App_Config\Include\Smartling.Connector.config. Find in the config the following line and change value to false
    <!-- Translate Html encoded field types (defined in Rendering.HtmlEncodedFieldTypes) as Plain Text by default -->
    <setting name="Smartling.Connector.TranslateHtmlEncodedFieldTypesAsText" value="false"/>


Added compatibility with Sitecore 9.3

Version 1.11.0


  • Fixed compatibility with Sitecore v9.2. The new version is still backward compatible (the same package can be installed on v8.x and 9.x)
  • Added "retry" behavior for upload flow. If the Sitecore connector receives throttling error from Smartling API then the connector will try to repeat upload up to 3 times
  • Improved performance of the Submit wizard. Switching between pages was slow if a configured Smartling project had thousands of Jobs.

Version 1.10.8


  • Fixed the issue with permissions when connector handles Smartling callback and can't find Sitecore items (because of works behalf on anonymous)
  • Fixed issue when job name can be truncated if it contains "|" character

Version 1.10.7


We have added the new option for discovering related items. Now you can submit all children of children of datasource.

Version 1.10.6


  • You can now filter for related items by template. 

  • We added helpful navigation links to the Audit Dashboard.

  • Start typing a job name to jump to it on the Job name menu. 


Bug Fixes

Fixed a permissions issue that occurred when the Smartling callback skipped translation download because it could not find an item in the database.

Version 1.10.5

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an NPE error that occurred when submitting an item to Smartling while a field had been deleted from an item template although the item still had a value.
  • Added an additional error message for when a Smartling submission points to a deleted item and the connector tries to submit that item.
  • Resolved an issue where language was not added and authorized in a Smartling job if the Smartling language code differed from the Sitecore language code.

Version 1.10.4

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed exception for when the connector copies values of non translatable fields from source to target.

Version 1.10.3


  • Added the new pipeline GetDialogOptions that allows you to control the first submit wizard page. Now, you can control visibility and the controls from the code wizard.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Smartling panel in the Experience Editor ribbon bar within Sitecore version 8.0.
  • Changed the behavior in how we generate the Smartling fileUri for items that are submitted for additional new languages. Important: It only affects cases when an item was renamed or moved after the initial upload to Smartling.

Here is a more detailed explanation:

  • Item with path /sitecore/content/Home/article-A was submitted for FR and got fileUri /sitecore/content/Home/article-A_E22F238E_en.xml
  • Later, the item was renamed and moved /sitecore/content/Misc/article-B
  • If you resubmit the item for FR, nothing changes, and the connector will continue to use the /sitecore/content/Home/article-A_E22F238E_en.xml fileUri
  • If you submit the item for the new language, DE, the new connector will reuse the existing fileUri instead of generating a new one (because the path was changed). Prior to this release, the connector always generated a new fileUri for new languages. I.e. DE will reuse /sitecore/content/Home/article-A_E22F238E_en.xml. Less files in the Smartling dashboard, means less problems with string authorization.

Here is a case when you already have a single item with more than two different fileUris. For example:

  • /sitecore/content/Home/article-A_E22F238E_en.xml for FR, submitted first time 2019-01-15
  • /sitecore/content/Home/article-B_E22F238E_en.xml for DE, submitted first time 2019-02-20
  • /sitecore/content/Home/article-C_E22F238E_en.xml for ES, submitted first time 2019-01-18

    If you submit for the new NL language, the connector will use the fileUri of the latest submission. In the example above, it's DE because it's the most recent submitted language, and the connector assumes /sitecore/content/Home/article-B_E22F238E_en.xml is the most valid name.

Version 1.10.2

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed handling of special characters, such as &, $, =, ", etc., in fileUri. Previously, the connector wasn't able to get the status for such items/files.

Version 1.10.1


  • Added the new audit log. It's the first preview version. So far it supports the following auditing actions:
    • Upload
    • Download
    • Lock\Unlock item
    • Cancel translation
    • Change configuration

      Each time a user performs some action in the connector, it writes audit logs with the following information: who, when, and what was done. A simple UI allows you to review and filter the audit logs.

  • Reordered steps on the Submit wizard. Now, the Preview step is displayed before the Jobs step.
  • Removed freeze in the last step of the Submit item wizard.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed behavior of how uploaded files were authorized if the same item was uploaded as two or more files. In most cases, when you submit an item for translation, the connector will generate a single XML file and authorize it for all requested languages. However, when an item was requested for one set of languages, but then renamed/removed later on, and requested for another set of languages, a Sitecore item will be represented in the Smartling dashboard as two files. Each file should be authorized for different languages. Recently, we found that two or more uploaded files of the same item were authorized to all sets of locales. As a result, the same strings from different files were authorized twice. With this fix, the connector should now authorize the strings in the files for only the locales that were originally requested.
  • Minor field name updates in the audit log. Added more data for Lock/Unlock actions.
  • Submitted column does not get updated when an item is resubmitted.
  • Fixed date in Downloaded column. It previously showed the same data as the Submitted column.
  • Fixed the Cancel Translation behavior for when the same Sitecore item had two or more source languages. Cancel Translation could delete XML files for different source languages.
  • Fixed translation of Link field. (It broke when we had introduced the TXT parser.)

Version 1.10.0


  • Changed the API that was used for detecting changes in translations. This change was important for the following use case: A Sitecore item was fully translated and downloaded, but later on, the Translator changed the published translations. Previously, the API endpoint would possibly give false-positive results (ie. translation wasn't changed, but the API indicated that it should be re-downloaded).

Version 1.9.1


  • Changed download button icon for when a language is locked.
  • Added the new option, Disable SSL certificate validation, into context configuration.
  • Added links to the Translation Progress screen. Now, you can click on an item path and a new window with this item will open.
  • Changed the behavior of how the connector gets the Word count for the items. Previously, it used authorized in Smartling words, but there were issues when content was submitted as unauthorized. In other words, a user saw 0 words on the Translation Progress screen when items were submitted as unauthorized. Beginning with this version, the connector will use total word counts. This number includes authorized, unauthorized, and excluded words.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed post installation steps that should remove deprecated Smartling fields from a template.
  • Fixed bug for when the connector could not move the translated item version into another Sitecore workflow step (if it's configured).
  • Fixed synchronization of non-translatable fields between source and translated item versions. Now, the connector uses a field Id instead of the name when looking up fields.
  • Fixed issue with duplications in Smartling submissions when a translation was cancelled for the item, and requested once again later.

Version 1.9.0

Important! This is a major release and requires you to perform some manual changes before installing the new version.

See Sitecore Connector Upgrading to Version 1.9.x

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the list of Smartling jobs in the wizard. It can now show more than 500 jobs.

Version 1.8.0

As of this release, the connector is no longer compatible with versions prior to Sitecore 8.

This is a major release as this version changes the behavior of how original content is imported into Smartling. As well, in this release, the format of the XML file is changed. Therefore, newly uploaded files can't be handled with previous versions. Now, the connector processes old and new XML files.


  • Added support for TXT parser (in additional to HTML). By default, all content was parsed as HTML. But if you have content with unescaped HTML entities (&, <, >, etc) and want to avoid escaping them in translations,you can configure it to use TXT parser for a specific field in your templates.
  • Added the new Cancel button. You can cancel accidentally submitted items. This button will delete a file in Smartling. The connector will stop to track translation progress for the current item. You can submit the item once again at a later point.
  • Support fallback language for source language. If the item doesn't have a version for the source language, but there is a configured fallback language, then the connector will read values from the fallback language and submit them to Smartling.
  • Improved behavior for creating a target language version when the user submits original content to Smartling. By default, if there are no target language versions, then the connector creates the first version. Sitecore can then render some content for the target language. If you submit the item without the source language version, then nothing will be submitted to Smartling, and the first language will also not be created.
  • The deprecated field type memo was added into the default preset for Smartling profiles. This field type is used in the Sitecore Dictionary entry template. It fixes dictionary translation issues.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue with downloading translations: Item was submitted once to one set of locales, and later was renamed\moved, and resubmitted to another set of languages.

Version 1.7.1


  • Added additional options for discovering related items. There are now two additional options for how the connector will search for related items. (This may change with subsequent releases.)
  • Improved handling of Sitecore workflow. It now supports sites with a completely disabled workflow feature.
  • Added additional validation for job name on the Create New Job wizard.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed sorting of Languages on Translation Progress in case of multiple configuration profiles.
  • Fixed context in case an original page contains special unicode characters.

Version 1.7.0

In version 1.7.0, we made some key changes to the configuration of the Sitecore Connector. Additional steps are required only if you have non-empty Excluded Fields in the Smartling configuration profiles. After upgrading to the new version, the connector will remove the Excluded Fields configuration and will look for it in another place. See the features list for more information.


Changed the approach on how localization can be fine tuned at the fields level.

  • Removed Excluded Fields from the Smartling configuration profiles. If you need to exclude something, do it directly in your fields.
  • Replaced the Smartling option, Exclude from translation. in the Sitecore field configuration. Previously, it was:



Read more about the new options and behaviors in the documentation.

Improved flow and updated messages for the Test Connection button. Now it provides a meaningful message with what could be wrong with your configuration.


Bug Fixes:

  • Configuration Authorize Job was not used on submission wizard.
  • Submission wizard used wrong configuration profile in case of non default source language.
  • Fixed translation status after downloading translated content through callback. Previously, it updated just the percent, but not the status itself.

Version 1.6.1 

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed how connector moves translated item version into Sitecore workflow step. Smartling profile settings allows configuration of Target Workflow States. At some point, this feature didn't work, and the connector wrote to log "Item workflow state cannot be resolved. Target item: /sitecore/content/Home...".

Version 1.6.0

You must complete the steps described in Upgrade to version 1.6. The new DB schema is not compatible with the previous version and the Connector will stop working if you do not follow these instructions.


  • Added Lock button. If you customized a translated item and want to preserve your changes, you can now "lock" the target language. Lock prevents downloading and applying translations from Smartling.
  • Updated design of Bulk submit wizard.
  • Updated Translation Progress screen:
    • Added Downloaded column: Time when translations were applied to an item.
    • Added filter by user name: The person who submitted the translation.
    • Added sorting for columns: Path, Submitted, Downloaded.
  • Removed Smartling workflow action.
  • Added compatibility with Sitecore 9.
  • The connector now uses TLS1.2 for all https requests.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed item duplicates on the confirmation page of the submission wizard.
  • Fixed file deletion when item is being unpublished from web database. Connector should delete the file in Smartling only if the item is deleted in Sitecore.
  • Fixed strings authorization by job. (Job authorized all attached strings to all of the job's locales regardless of which locales were provided when attaching the file.)

Version 1.5.2


  • Improved handling of HTTP headers during context ingestion. Malformed HTTP headers are now ignored.
  • Fixed Smartling job authorizing step. Authorization will happen even if an error occurs during file attachment to a job (an example, limit of 300 files was reached).

Version 1.5.1 


  • Added new pipelines: searching related items; searching item with context. Now, both default implementations can be customized.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed error with jobs that don't have a due date.
  • Fixed Smartling job naming if user didn't specify it for the new job.

Version 1.5.0 


  • Added integration with Smartling jobs. Now you can submit content from Sitecore and organize it into a Smartling job. You can create a new job or add content into existing job.
  • Allow translating fields with the same names inside the same item (field ID are different). It requires changing the format of XML files, but it's fully backward compatible with previously submitted files.

    Now, the connector stores field ID in XML attribute fieldid instead of human-readable field name. Field name now will be stored in the new XML attribute fieldname. The connector doesn't use it, but it was added to simplify troubleshooting. Example of the new XML:

    <phrase path="/sitecore/content/Home/Team/Casey-Piket" key="Casey-Piket" itemid="{3E241E52-3767-464D-B994-A776C8A060C3}" fieldid="{5A5684BB-8B54-44F6-ABCC-2BADA05ADA5D}" fieldname="Body" updated="20150716T030813Z">
    <en><![CDATA[<p>Casey has an extensive background working with data. His background includes EDI administration, content migration, enterprise search, big data and content management.</p>]]></en>
  • Automatically submit referenced items. If a submitted item has outgoing references to other items, then all these items can be submitted together. Example:
    • ItemA has link to ItemB in text
    • ItemA has in presentation control with Data source = ItemC

      So if you submit ItemA then ItemB and ItemC can be submitted automatically.
  • Support item translation with two or more original languages. So if your content editors create an original content in different languages but on the same site, then you can configure different Smartling projects and list of target languages for each source language. There are no changes in configuration. Each configuration profile must be set with proper Source Path and Source Language. But when you try to submit an item from Content Editor, don't forget to choose a proper language. The connector will choose the appropriate configuration profile and display a configured set of languages.
    • Two profiles for English and French source languages. Each profile uses own smartling project and different set of target languages.
  • List of languages for English item.
  • List of languages for French item
  • For a while, Smartling was only present in the ribbon of the Content Editor application. Now, Smartling controls are also present on the Experience Editor ribbon.
  • Automatically reconnect context connection (if required) during submitting items to Smartling.

Versions 1.4.0

Important! You must complete the steps described in Upgrade to version 1.4. The new DB schema is not compatible with the previous version and the Connector will stop working if you do not follow these instructions.


  • Sitecore introduced presentation layout customization per language. It means that content editor can adjust presentation (add personalization and so on) for every language without involving developers. We added native support for this feature in our connector.
  • Starting from this release the connector copies Final layout from a source to a target language when the first revision is created. But if connector creates 2nd, 3rd, and so on revisions of target language then Final layout is not copied from a source. It’s done to preserve your possible changes of Final layout.
  • Added the new Sitecore Workflow action which allows to submit item to configured locales. So if you use Sitecore Workflow then upload to Smartling can be just a part of your Workflow and no need to send content to Smartling explicit. Every new content, or update in content will be submitted to Smartling automatically.
  • Updates in UI:
    • Multiple upload buttons are replaced with the single large button in Smartling toolbar.
  • New icons in menu.
  • Updated Translations Progress screen. Now completed and in progress items are present in the same table. Added more filters.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue with flag icon in Stecore 8.1.

Version 1.3.1 


  • Undisplayable unicode characters (codes \u0000-\u0008) are stripped before uploading content to Smartling.
  • Changed the way Smartling check’s progress of translations to prevent errors.
  • Added more detailed logs.

Bug Fixes:

  • We fixed an issue that caused errors checking and downloading translations in cases where the Sitecore language codes are different from Smartling’s locale codes.

Versions 1.3

Important! You must complete the steps described in Upgrade to version 1.3. The new DB schema is not compatible with the previous version and the Connector will stop working if you do not follow these instructions.


  • Switched to Smartling File API v2. Read more about the new File API here. The new File API uses the Oauth 2.0, so you must generate new credentials.
  • Retranslation detection. Previous connector versions downloaded an item once completed and stopped tracking changes in Smartling. The new Connector detects any changes in translation even after status is completed and keeps item’s translations up to date when you retranslate something in Smartling.
  • Changed callback HTTP response code from 202 to 200. This is what the Smartling Callback service expects.
  • Previous version required that Callback host didnt contain a trailing slash. The new one handles trailing slash if it’s present.
  • Simplified installation. The Remote package doesn’t ask question how to update items anymore.
  • The Connector now sets status to completed for items that were uploaded but don’t contain strings for translation.
  • Set maximum of concurrent requests to Smartling to 2.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed preview button.
  • Language field validator no longer crashes when value is empty.
  • Updated Word count column on Submissions Board.
  • Fixed errors that were caused if a file was manually deleted in Smartling.

Version 1.2.2 


  • Added handling for Context when item has no layout (configuration; dictionary; etc).
  • Improved logging in cases where ‘Translatable Fields’ in the settings profile are not configured or have no content.
  • Installing the Remote package no longer overrides your Context settings.
  • All fields in the Smartling settings profile are now shared among all languages.

Bug Fixes:

  • Connector now treats the language named in the settings profile as the source language.
  • Context connection doesn’t use actual settings from /sitecore/system/Modules/Smartling Connector/Context.

Version 1.2.1 


  • Added Context panel for all items eligible for translation.

Version 1.2.0 


  • Updated WebSocketNet library version to remove a bug which caused ping failure and subsequent connection timeouts.

Version 1.2 beta5


  • Extended Import\Export processors event args for Rewriting URLs demo processor.

Bug Fixes:

  • Wrote some smartling exceptions in smartling log (instead of general sitecore log).
  • Context connection doesn’t use actual settings from /sitecore/system/Modules/Smartling Connector/Context.

Version 1.2 beta4 


  • New Connector Audit Log application allows you to moniter upload/download background processes.
  • Code related to communication with Smartling File API was extracted to separate api-sdk-net library. Sitecore Connector now uses Smartling.Api from Nuget repository.
    Refactored logging to make logs more readable.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed impersonation for getting Context.
  • Removed sensitive information from sample application.

Known Issues

  • Context connection doesn’t re-establish connection with new settings after changing /sitecore/system/Modules/Smartling Connector/Context.

Version 1.2 beta2


  • Added logging exception when adding item to a database fails.
  • Write all exceptions (from pipelines) related to connector in smartling.log.
  • Added extra logging of context communication.
  • Updated documentation on Context.

Bug Fixes:

  • Removed 2nd copy of db SQL script from repository.
  • Added valid sql script to package.

Known Issues

Context connection doesn’t re-establish connection with new settings after changing /sitecore/system/Modules/Smartling Connector/Context.

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