Drupal 8/9/10 Connector

Drupal 8/9/10 TMGMT Set Up Smartling Context Debug Module

  1. Enable tmgmt_smartling_context_debug module at /admin/modules page.
  2. Go to the Smartling provider settings page at /admin/tmgmt/translators/manage/smartling. Set up Username for context retrieval. Generally, it's the admin.
  3. Go to/admin/tmgmt/smartling-context-debug page. You'll see a context debugger form.
  4. In order to test context, enable Show the context snapshot of the page in a browser. (It will not send context to Smartling, but will show the generated page instead).
  5. Enter the URL of a node into the URL field. For example, http://your.site.alias/en/node/1.
  6. Click Test context.

After these steps, you will see a generated context. If it's just a blank page or a page with “Unauthorized” text, this may be due to a basic auth setup on your web server. Set up basic auth credentials on the Smartling provider settings page. More information about the generated context (including request/response headers and bodies) can be found at /admin/reports/dblog.

Excluding Context

You can exclude needed entities from being contextualized at the provider settings page, by selecting the entities you want to exclude from context.


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