Introduction to Integrating Smartling

Options for Automation with Source Repositories

If you're interested in integrating Smartling directly with your source repositories, there are a few options:

Here are the main differences between these options:

  GitHub Connector Repository Connector Custom API Solution
GitHub hosted Git repos Yes Yes Yes
Self hosted Git repos (GitHub Enterprise) No Yes Yes

GitLab or Bitbucket hosted Git Repos

No Yes Yes

Self hosted SVN repos

No Yes Yes
Requires pull requests for changes to be detected by Smartling Yes No No

Single repository for source and translations

Yes (GitHub connector will create a new translation branch.) Yes (Repository connector will push translations only to the same repository and the same branch from where it found files with new strings for translation.) Yes
Multiple repositories Requires multiple Smartling projects Yes (A single Smartling project can have files from multiple repositories. With custom configuration, multiple Smartling projects can have files from the same source repository.) Yes
Configure by branch Single Multiple Custom
Deliver translations by pull request Yes No Yes
Operate behind firewall N/A Yes Yes 

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