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Contentful Connector Overview

This article is for Account Owners.

Contentful lets you create, manage, and distribute content to any platform. Finding an easy and scalable solution to enable localization for everything you create becomes really important. As a result, new and existing Contentful customers have become increasingly interested in a seamless way of translating both content and media asset types, while ensuring consistency and cost-savings. The Smartling Contentful Connector gives you the ability to do just that. 

Smartling's connector for Contentful assumes that you have set up the default/standard localization for Contentful ("Field Level Localization"). If you have set up an entry, content type, or space level localization, the connector should not be used.

Once the connector is set up, you will be able to easily request and manage translations. At a high-level, this is what the process looks like:


To enable the Smartling Contentful Connector, and begin translating, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare Contentful for Localization
    • Enable Locales
    • Flag Content for Translation
  2. Set Up the Contentful Connector 
    • Create a Contentful Connector Project
    • Connect Smartling and Contentful Accounts
    • Configure Languages
    • Configure Contentful Model Fields (Optional)
  3. Request Translations Using the Contentful Connector 
    • Request Translations
    • Track Overall Progress
    • Track Progress by String
    • Filter Content
  4. Send Translated Content to Contentful
    • Export Translations
    • View Translations in Contentful


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