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Exclude Content from Translation with the GDN

This article is for Account Owners and Project Managers using the Global Delivery Network.

By default, the Smartling Global Delivery Network (GDN) captures all content within HTML elements on a page for translation. In some cases, you may want to prevent the capture and translation of certain HTML content on a page. For example, if an element displays Product Names, numbers, or other proper nouns, you can markup the HTML element to prevent the capture and translation of this content.

Not only will this help keep your Authorization Queue clean, and focused on translatable content, but it can help reduce translation cost if linguists aren't having to input the source language for the "translation" of these strings.

This can be accomplished by applying a No Translate class to HTML elements on your site. With this class applied, content is not captured for translation and will be displayed on translated sites exactly as it is on your source site.

You can apply this class to an entire page, specific HTML elements, or inline elements.

Excluded strings must be restored from exclusion before they can be deleted.

How to Apply

There are 3 methods you can use to apply the No Translate class:

  1. Add the No Translate class to your source code
  2. Add the No Translate class to a URL, HTML element class or element ID via the Dashboard
  3. Add the No Translate class using Advanced Integration Tool. This method is only recommended if you cannot alter your source code, and the HTML element you are working with does not have a unique class or ID.

No Translate Class

Below, we will show you how to apply the No Translate class to your source code:

Full string

<p class="notranslate">This paragraph won't be captured for translation</p>

<p translate="no">This paragraph won’t be captured for translation</p>

Alt and ID Tags

Add the classes notranslate_alt or notranslate_title to prevent an element’s alt or id tag from being captured.

<div id="user-details" class="notranslate_title" title="">
<p>This content will be translated.</p>
<p>But the ‘title’ attribute will not.</p>

Inline Elements

If you add the No Translate class to an inline element, the content marked with this class will appear as a placeholder within the string. Linguists will not be able to translate this element, but they can re-order the element if required in a given language.

<p>You have<span class="notranslate">5</span>.</p>

Will be captured as “You have {0} items in cart.” in the Smartling dashboard.

You can also Create a Pattern to prevent the capture and translation of inline content.

Javascript & JSON

See our Javascript and JSON integration articles for guidance on applying the No Translate function to these content types.


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