Configure a Website on the Global Delivery Network

Primary-Secondary Configuration

In a typical Global Delivery Network (GDN) setup, content is captured and managed across languages within one GDN project. This is the best solution if the majority of your source content applies across all supported languages.

In cases where you have a large amount of unique content for each language (such as a product catalogue that varies by region), or regional content owners who manage translation scope independently, it may be necessary to separate individual language translation queues.

This can be accomplished by using a Primary-Secondary setup. This custom configuration allows the GDN behaviors to be managed in a single "Primary" project while capturing content to "Secondary" language-specific projects for translation. 

Setting Up Primary-Secondary GDN Projects 

This setup requires multiple GDN projects to be set up in the Smartling Dashboard and custom GDN configuration. Contact your Customer Success Manager to discuss if this setup is right for you.

Managing Your Primary-Secondary GDN Projects

If your GDN sites already use a Primary-Secondary configuration, you will have a Primary or Main project which contains all domain and proxy behavior configurations. If you need to add a new source domain, localized domain, or language, notify your Smartling Customer Success Manager as additional configuration is required to map any new localized domain or localized folder configurations to your secondary GDN projects.

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