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Using an Alternate Endpoint

This article is for Account Owners and Project Managers using the Global Delivery Network

Alternate endpoints in the Global Delivery Network (GDN) are used to specify an alternate source origin IP, or address, for the GDN to pull source content from. This setup is common if you are doing one of the following:

  1. You're using a CDN and want to proxy the origin domain, rather than the cached site. 
  2. You've created a site on your staging environment that does not resolve to a DNS (accessible through an IP address), and is behind a firewall.

Configuring an Alternate Endpoint

  1. Do one of the following:
    • In the New Experience, from your GDN project, click the gear icon > Project Settings > Domains
    • In the Classic Experience, from within the Smartling Dashboard, select Global Delivery Network > Domains.
  2. Select the source domain and click the > arrow next to the localized domain you would like to configure, then select Edit localized domain.
  3. Enter the origin domain or IP address in the 

The localized domain URL will be sent as the host header, upstream to your alternate endpoint server.

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