Creating Localized Content

Image Replacement

If your images use text overlay, the Global Delivery Network (GDN) will automatically capture this content for translation.

If your image content has embedded text, or if you want to display regionally specific images on your translated sites, you can create localized images outside the GDN, store them on your server, and have the GDN swap in the appropriate localized image file for each language.

Replacing Images

To take advantage of automatic image swapping, you need to store images for your site with the folder structure /images/{$lang_$country}. For example: if the source locale of your GDN project is "en-US" and target locale is "es-ES", to use a different banner image on your translated site, your source images path should be /images/en_US/banner.jpg, and the Spanish image path should be /images/es_ES/banner.jpg.

Source Site HTML

<img src="/images/en_US/banner.jpg">

Smartling will automatically rewrite this on your Spanish site to:

Localized Site HTML

<img src="/images/es_ES/banner.jpg">

If you would like to use custom names for the locale folders, please contact your Customer Success Manager to discuss this change.

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