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Whitelisting Global Delivery Network Servers

This article is for IT & Networking Specialists using the Global Delivery Network. 

If your organization or hosting provider restricts access by IP to any environments that will be proxied by the Smartling Global Delivery Network (GDN), our services will need to be whitelisted.

Smartling GDN services are located in multiple availability zones, so multiple IPs will need to be whitelisted in order for your localized domains to be fully available to all users.

To obtain the current IP range for whitelisting GDN services, contact

When users or bots access your localized sites, the GDN makes a request to your source site (origin) on behalf of the user to retrieve the original source content for translation. If there is elevated traffic to your localized site, your hosting provider may interpret the requests from Smartling as a malicious attack and block some or all of the GDN servers.

If our GDN servers are blocked, the localized sites will not be available. Users will not be able to access the localized sites again until the GDN server(s) have been whitelisted.

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