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Ensuring Fonts are not Lost in Translation

Typically, multiple designers collaborate on Pages of a design file. The design file may be sent to, opened and viewed in many devices, and each device should have access to all fonts on the Page.

The Smartling Figma Plugin requires the user who submits a file for translation must have access to all fonts on the file.

In Figma, if a collaborator has used a font that's inaccessible to you, you will receive a missing font alert. However, this requires the user to enter each Text layer to ensure they don't have any missing fonts. Therefore, it's not uncommon that fonts can get lost in translation!

It is vital that the designer submitting the Page for translation has all the fonts on the Page saved on their device. If they don't have all fonts on the file saved, the Smartling Figma plugin will revert to using the following default fonts for each device.

Default Fonts

Windows: Arial Regular

MacOS: Helvetica Neue Regular

Need help installing missing fonts? See Microsoft's Documentation or Apple's Font Book User Guide.

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