AEM Classic Connector

How to Backup AEM Classic Connector Configuration

AEM Classic connector stores all data in your repository. There are 2 types of data

  1. Configuration - which includes:
    • Settings profiles
    • Property mappings
    • Misc configuration (proxy; context; etc)
  2. Metadata for submitted content

If you want to clone the configuration to a new AEM site then you need backup the configuration. Metadata should not be cloned because it depends on the actual site content.

Below list of paths for backup:

  1. Configuration:
    • Everything under /etc/smartling, but exclude /etc/smartling/submissions because it contains metadata about submitted content
    • Everything under /content/smartling/propertyMappings
    • Everything under /var/smartling
    • All configuration under /apps/system/config which start with com.smartling
  2. Metadata for submitted content:
    • Everything under /etc/smartling/submissions

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