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Preview Global Delivery Network Content With Edit Modes

Smartling facilitates previews for websites using the Global Delivery Network (GDN) called Edit modes. These edit modes allow you to view information about your translated sites, and in some cases, manage GDN functionality like content authorization and static cache.

Applying Edit Modes

Edit modes are applied by appending a parameter to the end of a URL for a page going through the GDN. They work by setting a cookie in your browser. This is an example of a URL with a parameter to apply an edit mode:

Edit modes do not work on JavaScript frameworks such as react.js and angular.js. If your server or Content Delivery Network (CDN) has restrictions on URL parameters, Smartling edit modes may not function.

Edit modes

Only editmode=0 and editmode=1 will allow string ingestion.

Mode Description Access
?smartling_editmode=0 Clears edit mode. Using this parameter will clear any edit mode cookies previously set.  

Any user role.

?smartling_editmode=1 Published translations. This shows published translations, and an inline translation tool that allows you to authorize new strings or translate existing strings on the page.

If you are not an Account Owner or Project Manager, or if you don't have workflow access as a Translation Resource Manager or Translation Resource, then you won't be able to edit or authorize strings. 

?smartling_editmode=2 Latest translations. View the latest translations (pending and published), without the inline translation tool. Any user role.
?smartling_editmode=3 Debug. View GDN capture and parsing behavior. It is recommended to use this mode on the code view of a page for easier debugging (view-source). You can view how strings are captured, link rewrite/substitution behavior, patterns, and translation rules.

Learn more about this parameter in our Debug Mode article.
Any user role.
?smartling_editmode=4 Source language. View a translated page in the source language. This can be helpful when navigating a translated site for a language you don't speak. Any user role.
?smartling_editmode=5 Static cache management. View static cache details for a page, and reset static cache for the page. Account Owner or Project Manager.
 __smartling/api/headers.htm Headers. View headers sent by the GDN to your source server. Any user role.

If a parameter is already used in your URL, use an & in place of ? to invoke a Smartling Edit mode.

Need to check the status of your strings? Try Smartling's GDN String Status Google Chrome Extension while using ?smartling_editmode=1

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