The CAT Tool

View Translation History

This article is for Translators and Editors.

If a string was previously translated, you can see the history of it from within the History panel of the CAT tool. The translation history shows when certain actions were applied to the strings, along with the name of the user who made them. These actions include:

  • Content Created
  • Content Assigned
  • Content Authorized
  • Content Moved
  • Translation Submitted
  • Edit Submitted
  • Review Submitted
  • Translation Published
  • Content Deleted
  • Revised in Publish (Allows you to find content that was edited while in the Publish step.)

Access Translation History

Log in to Smartling and go to the CAT tool. At the bottom right section of your screen is where you'll find the History panel. As you translate and move through the strings, the History panel will update accordingly. You can collapse or resize the panel as you need.


String history is also accessible from Projects > Content > Translations. Click the drop down menu and select History.


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