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Smartling brings rich data to your fingertips that can be used in any number of ways to inform decisions, calculate return on investment, and achieve greater results long term. The SmartMatch Leverage Report and Translation Memory Leverage Report unlock information about how and where your translation memory was used to reduce cost and time to market.

The difference between these two reports is that the SmartMatch Leverage Report returns only SmartMatch data, whereas the Translation Memory Leverage Report returns data for SmartMatch and Fuzzy Match.

Access the Reports

Account Owners and Project Managers can access the report via Reports > SmartMatch Leverage or Translation Memory Leverage.

SmartMatch Leverage Report

The SmartMatch Leverage Report visualizes the number of SmartMatches across the entire account. The chart illustrates the number of SmartMatches per day, and the detailed table below reports the number of strings and words SmartMatched per day by language and project.

The report will automatically display SmartMatch leverage for all languages over the past 30 days. You can also customize this report.

  1. From the Select languages dropdown menu, select individual or all languages.
  2. Adjust the Date from/to.
  3. Click Create Report.

The date range is limited to 365 days. For access to historical data, contact your Customer Success Manager.

Hover over the graph to drill down on daily data points. Peaks and valleys in these data can typically be tied to specific translation projects. A larger number of SmartMatches per day means your translation memory is being well-utilized to reduce the cost of translation. If new content is being created, expect fewer SmartMatches.

The table provides greater insight to the data. You can sort by project, language, string count, word count, or date.

Download Data

Download data as a .csv to export the current view by clicking Download CSV.

Customize SmartMatch behavior to find the right balance of cost savings, translation velocity, and  quality.

Translation Memory Leverage Report

The Translation Memory Leverage Report provides greater insight into the number of SmartMatch and Fuzzy Matches applied to translations in your account.

  • The first chart illustrates the total number of words (y-axis) per month (x-axis) benefiting from translation memory by Fuzzy Tier and SmartMatch.
  • The second chart illustrates the estimated cost savings (y-axis) per month (x-axis) by Fuzzy Tier and SmartMatch.

You can customize this data by date, project(s), target locale(s), and/or source locale(s).

  1. Click Filters.
  2. Set the Action Date range. This field narrows down your search criteria by date.
  3. Enter the Project name in the text box. If you click on the box, a list of projects will show. This field narrows down your search criteria by project. You can select one or more projects.
  4. Set the Target Locale field to reflect which language or languages you would like to view in the report.
  5. The Source Locale field typically does not have to be set. However, if you are searching across projects that have multiple source locales, you can use this filter to narrow down your search criteria.
  6. Click Run

You can view and interact with your results in the two illustrations on the page by hovering over data points.

To view only Fuzzy Match data, go to the Fuzzy Match Savings report: Reports > Fuzzy Match Savings.

Use this data to project translation spend and translation memory performance. Contact your Customer Success Manager to review the data if you have any questions.

Download Data

  1. Hover over the top-right corner of each chart and click the more icon.
  2. Set the File Format, Results, Values, and Limit, then click Download. Click X to cancel.

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