Agency Project Managers

Get a Fuzzy Estimate

This article is for Agency Account Owners, Translation Resource Managers, and Translation Resources.

You can get a fuzzy estimate for a translation job.

  1. Go to Projects Dashboard (select a project) > Content > Summary.
  2. On the Summary page, you'll see a list of jobs. Click Estimate for a selected job. The Estimates window will appear.
  3. Click Create Estimate to run the report.
  4. The report will appear in the list of Previous Estimates. Click the Folder icon to view the estimate in the dashboard, or click the Download icon to download a .csv version of the estimate

The estimate will detail the weighted words for each locale in the job. Weighted words are any words that fall into a fuzzy match tier or are considered a repetition.

Content must be in a job to generate a Fuzzy Match estimate.

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