Managing the Translation Process

Get a Cost Estimate

A cost estimate is a prediction of a Job’s final word-count totals and cost if the Job were to be translated via the Project's Default workflow, at the point when the estimate is run.

The Estimate Details gives you the total word count and the total character count of the source strings, along with the total weighted word count, per language of the Job. It's based on the fuzzy estimate for the content in the Job, along with the appropriate fuzzy profiles and rate cards. The Estimate Details indicates how large a Job is and what it would be likely to cost if translated now, like in the example below. 

Estimates are available for 60 days.

For more information on estimations, read our documentation on Word Counts & Estimates Explained.

This article walks you through:

  1. How to get a cost estimate
  2. How to refresh a cost estimate after changes to the Job



How to Get a Cost Estimate

Cost estimates like the above are available only to Account Owner and Project Manager roles, assuming all rate card information has been set up. They are accessible when creating a Job, before authorizing the Job for translation, and in the Job Summary pane of a Job Details by clicking View Estimate Details (pictured below).


How to Get a Cost Estimate (Classic)

If your content has not been packaged into a Job, you can generate a cost estimate for a specific set of strings to be translated.

  1. Go to Projects (select a project) > Content > Translations.
  2. Select Awaiting Authorization from the drop-down menu near the top left of the page.
  3. Click the checkboxes for the strings for which you'd like to run an estimate.
  4. After strings are selected, click Actions > Estimate.
  5. A side panel will open, click Create Estimate, select the languages you'd like the estimate for or Select All Languages then click Estimate.
  6. The estimate will show up in the same box under Previous Estimates for your review.

Refreshing Estimation Details

By default, estimations are given for unauthorized content if it will be translated in the Project Default workflow. There might be times when you would like to regenerate a cost estimate. Some use cases may include:

  • Content has been removed from a Job that was in progress, and you'd like to get a new cost estimate.
  • Content has been added to the Job that is in progress, and now you'd like to get a new cost estimate.
  • You want an estimation based on workflows other than the Project Default. Note, content still needs to be unauthorized before an estimation can be regenerated for a specific workflow.
  • If you add content to an existing Job, and the word count reaches over one million words, you will need to refresh the estimate to get an accurate cost estimate for the Job in its new state.

To update the estimation on unauthorized content:

  1. Click Refresh, under Cost Estimate (pictured below)
  2. Select the workflows you would like content translated in for each language
  3. Click Refresh Estimate


Updated estimations can be found in the Estimate Details. Refreshing estimates updates all previous estimations in the Estimate Details.

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