The CAT Tool

Predictive Typing

This article is for Account Owners and Project Managers. If you're interested in using this feature, contact your Customer Success Manager to have it enabled.

When translating in the CAT tool, predictive typing allows you to see real-time next word alternatives. You can choose to insert a part, or all of the suggested translation, or simply continue typing.

How Predictive Typing Works

Predictive typing is powered by an adaptive machine translation system. Adaptive here means that the machine translation system can be trained using tens of thousands of human translations for improved quality and terminology. The system will also consider glossary terms for more tailored recommendations.

How Predictive Typing Affects Translating Experience

As you type, predictive typing will appear below segments in Smartling (see image below). You can choose to ignore the suggested translations altogether.

By default, predictive typing in the CAT tool includes the following shortcut keys to interact with Lilt translations. These can be changed or removed at any time from the CAT Tool.

  • Insert Whole Lilt Suggestion: Shift + Enter
  • Insert Lilt Suggested Word: Enter 

Interested to know more about other translation methods? For more information, see Choose a Translation Method.

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