Getting Started with Smartling

Accessing Your Smartling Account for the First Time

Account Owners

When your Smartling Account Manager or Customer Success Manager creates your Smartling account, you will receive an email invitation to activate your account. As this is from a "noreply" email address, ensure to check Spam and make a safe sender to your mailbox.

Project Managers

You will be invited to join the Smartling account by an Account Owner or Project Manager user within the organization. If you have invited new users to the account, make sure and notify the recipient, so they are aware to check for the example email below.


Please read our Complete Requester User Guide.

Example Email Invite


  • Simply click the Get started button to open the registration screen.
  • Complete all fields and create a password (including an upper case, lower case, number and special character)
  • Click Register. The Smartling Account Dashboard appears.

As this is from a "noreply" email address, ensure to check Spam and make a safe sender to your mailbox.

Once you have Completed Registration

You'll then gain access to the Smartling Account Dashboard, where all your Smartling Projects are listed. If this is a new Smartling account, there will likely be no Projects listed, as seen below. In which case, your next step should be to create a Project.


If you have just been added to an existing Smartling account, you might want to first check out the Jobs Dashboard to see what's happening in the account.

If you're a Translation Resource and unable to see the dashboard, it's likely because you haven't been assigned to any content yet, and you should contact your customer or translation agency to have you added to a project and workflow.

Access the Smartling Dashboard

At any time, you can access the Smartling Dashboard by going to where you'll be prompted to enter your credentials. Ensure to bookmark it on your browser for quick access.

Forgot your password? See Reset Password.

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