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Smartling's Translation Management Platform is a solution that prioritizes process automation and collaboration so that teams can quickly and cost-effectively localize websites, apps, and documents with minimal IT involvement.

The Help Center is Smartling's documentation repository for the UI and API.

Product Release Notes

For Connectors, consult the Version History page for each connector. For the CAT tool and all other general product releases, see below.

2017 October

New Releases

For API V2 Smartling is replacing our command line BASH scripts with a new CLI Tool. (Currently in alpha pre-release.)

AEM Classic Connector - can manually lock specific sections of content in your translated version so that any additional changes made to the original content won't affect the locked content.

Click and drag tags in a segment without breaking HTML code.

2017 September

Improvements & Fixes

CAT Tool:

  • Improved experience of Medium Severity Errors. As part of our continuing work to improve how bulk save works, medium severity errors now have new buttons: “Fix Later” and “Save Anyway”. Selecting either button will let you immediately move on to the next string instead of stopping the the queue of strings to save.
  • Fixed an issue where TM matches were sometimes not repopulating on page load.
  • Fixed an issue with plurals where the string status (check mark) was not getting updated when a user was editing other forms.

2017 August

New Releases

CAT Tool:

  • Add words to a personal dictionary.
  • Dynamic Quality Framework (DQF) is becoming the standard for evaluating, tracking, and benchmarking translation quality. Translation resources can report translation errors from within the CAT tool.

Predictive typing allows you to see real-time next word alternatives.

Improve the quality of machine translations through an approach that combines human translations with machine learning (adaptive machine translation).

New navigation and feature enhancements to Jobs. For now, this is being rolled out to new enterprise clients.

Content search and replace allows you to perform a "find and replace" on your translated strings.

Search for a string by the date it was added/uploaded.

YEXT customers can bridge content creation and translation processes with the YEXT Connector.

The Content Velocity by Workflow Report (data is grouped by workflow) and the Content Velocity by Locale Report (data is grouped by locale) provide insight into the average amount of time that a word or a string spends in a particular workflow step from content authorization to publishing.

The Content Changes by Workflow Report (data is grouped by workflow) and the Content Changes by Locale Report (data is grouped by locale) provide insight into how much content is actually changing in each step of a workflow.

Improvements & Fixes

CAT Tool:

  • You can now resize the height of panels! For example, the height of a panel (such as the Language Resources panel) can be modified by clicking and dragging the top or bottom edge of the panel.
  • All high severity errors are batched together for bulk save. They’ll be shown at the end of the save process after all other strings have been saved.
  • Improved how we handle “empty” drafts.
  • Save All and Submit buttons are split into two separate ones to make those actions clearer.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing glossary terms created in character-based languages from being highlighted.
  • Fixed an issue around the number of “unconfirmed” strings being shown in the CAT tool.
  • Number of “badges” in the sidebar is only shown if the number is greater than 0.
  • Fixed some usability issues with the add to dictionary/spellcheck popup.
  • Fix a bug around “copy only tags.” If you press the “copy only tags” shortcut, and there are no tags in the target, we no longer delete the translation in the target.
  • Fixed an issue with 100% matching when comparing strings with different segmentation but matching content.
  • Pre-populate TM matches used to only be available for 100% matches. Now, translators can set any fuzzy match threshold they want to populate TM matches.
  • Only red number “badges” are shown in the resources panel if there are more than 0 items.
  • Fixed usability issues with the spellcheck suggestion/add to dictionary pop up.
  • Fixed a bug around strings getting a lower TM match than it should have.

2017 July

New Releases

Due dates can now be configured for a job on a workflow step and locale.

Made job creation easier through automation.

Improvements & Fixes

CAT Tool:

  • “All error" tab in Quality Check report is now the same color as the highest severity level in report.
  • Quality Check Report tabs are now sorted by severity level.
  • Quality Check Report tabs with 0 errors are now hidden.
  • Fixed an issue with Korean language translation.
  • Translator instructions are occasionally not shown in the CAT tool.
  • Fixed an issue with pre-population of 100% matches (edited).
  • Glossary terms can now be added with a new button in addition to the keyboard shortcut. Highlighting text in the source will now reveal an Add to Glossary button.

Wordpress: Added UI to control logging - on/off and to pick the folder where logs are stored.

2017 June

New Releases

CAT Tool: Glossary terms can now be added directly in the CAT tool.

Videos can now be adding as context (with SRT file).

Reference Code field added to Jobs.

Improvements & Fixes

CAT Tool:

  • It's now possible to filter the CAT tool. Available filters include: workflow, job, translation status, files URI, tags, and keyword.
  • Added a Quality Checks panel to show translation errors per segment.
  • Improved speed of the CAT tool on big strings.
  • Fixed a bug with bulk save.
  • Added the option to hide machine translations.
  • Updated the CAT tool font to Google Noto Sans and gave users the ability to change the font in their editor.

Added reconnection when connector is disconnected from CMS Gateway, in order to not have missing context for some pages.

Extended default locale mappings for non-standard locale es_la=> es-LA.

Fixed issue with automatically generated launch title being too long. AEM has restriction on length of launch title. During launch title creation, unique data is added at the end of the title and is cut according to AEM rules. If page title is too long, we had an issue with creating the same launch title during the creation of the following launch title.

Added JSON Properties HTML Decoder component in order to fix broken value of JSON properties.

You can now show the Job Name in the Content/Translations List by clicking on the gear icon and selecting "Show Job Name."

Support for TAUS' DQF - a quality framework.

Issue Details Report allows for a download of all issues data.

Marketo Programs are now available for translation along with other types of assets.

2017 May

New Releases

CAT Tool:

  • Offline CAT is available for agency owners and translation resource managers. Previous this was only available for translation resources.
  • Ability for user to Add/ Edit glossary term.
  • Added user-defined character limit to quality checks .
  • Added ability to turn on check for no emojis in quality check settings

New SmartMatch setting added to leverage translations that aren't fully published. Useful for translations that were deleted while In Progress and not fully Published.

Improvements & Fixes

CAT Tool:

  • Fixed spellcheck for capitalized words in German.
  • Improved CAT tool performance with large glossary load.
  • Fixed glossary popup getting obscured by other parts of CAT tool.
  • Improved experience for selecting and dragging words in editor.
  • Fixed copying source to target only inserting last segment in multi-segment strings.
  • Fixed issues with launching CAT tool after selecting “Do not show this message again”.
  • Fixed HTML entries not showing in autocomplete.
  • Fixed constant repositioning of scrollbar during bulk save.
  • Fixed poor performance of “Next Tag” keyboard shortcut.
  • Fixing resetting of custom keyboard shortcut profile on switching projects.
  • Updated TM fuzzy scores to be consistent with old CAT tool experience.
  • Fixed bulk save order to be consistent with string order.
  • Fixed false “empty string” detection when segment has only tags.
  • Fixed “copy source to target” when segments have been merged.
  • Improved page load performance.
  • Fixed HTML tags being counted in string length.
  • Fixed full width question mark being treated as emoji in ZH-TW.
  • Fixed autocomplete suggestions for tags/ placeholders overriding “save and next string” shortcut.
  • Fixed HTML rendering of styleguide and special instructions.
  • Fixed discrepancy in total spelling errors shown in the editor and the QA report.
  • Fixed QA error being displayed spelling errors surrounding tags.
  • Added string-level check for character count limit.
  • Fixed character counts to be based on plural forms.
  • Fixed certain Polish characters not being recognized in CAT tool.
  • Fixed CAT tool not scrolling to active string selected in List View
  • Fixed strings not loading for certain old content.
  • Corrected ability to use standard shortcuts (Cmd C/V) to copy-paste source into target.
  • Updated in-line quality errors for double spaces to single spaces for character based languages
  • Added string hashcodes to additional information.
  • Fixed spellcheck popover requiring two clicks to open, when cursor is not at end of segment.
  • Improved UI for leading/ trailing space errors.
  • Fixed tag order not being saved correctly on submission.
  • Fixed editor not focusing on current string, when user clicks on padding in the input segment.
  • Improved offline recovery/ messaging.
  • Resolved some tags not inserting via keyboard shortcut.
  • Standardized formatting of all dates in CAT tool.

GDN: JSON parsing directives can now be passed as HTTP headers - in addition to directly in JSON.

2017 April

New Releases

CAT Tool:

  • 100% TM match pre-population enabled.
  • Enabled new CAT tool for admin approval step.

First release of design tool plugins: Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator. Sketch has some additional functionality to be able to automatically submit content and context to Smartling using your Smartling account. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator will have this functionality in a forthcoming release; for now, source content is exported as a file and translated content is imported back in as JSON. All three plugins support pseudo translation.

Improvements & Fixes

CAT Tool:

  • Fixed performance issues for Microsoft Edge.
  • Fixed Issue count bubble not changing when using the Issue resolved toggle.
  • Resolved translators getting errors when fetching workflow data for a string outside their workflow step.
  • Fixed adjacent placeholders/ tags not being tokenized appropriately.
  • Fixed translators not being able to insert characters D and M.
  • Added keyboard shortcut hover-over for Restore Segmentation command.
  • Autoscroll jitter for Video translation fixed.
  • Quality Check Tools allow for management of quality errors in the CAT tool.
  • Quality check settings improved for business documents.
  • Fixed progress bar to show correct progress for Edit/ Proofread step.
  • Decoupled Reject action from Confirm action across all workflow steps.
  • Restricted Confirm action to only be available in post-translation and admin approval steps.
  • Fixed error thrown when glossary shortcut is used when no glossary exists for linguistic package.
  • Fixed non-functioning Custom status for string filters.
  • Improved memory management for context.
  • Formatted TM results to be the same as Glossary search results.
  • Reviewer can submit content, even if it is locked from editing.
  • Fixed incorrect focus on string on page load, if CAT tool loaded from any point other than list view.
  • Fixed context not loading when user clicks on source.
  • Resolved spellcheck not functioning for multiple languages, including Hungarian.
  • Fixed merge functionality for document translation.
  • Fixed only saved strings to be submitted on Submit action (previously also Submitting Draft strings).
  • Improved tag insertion/ resolved tag inconsistency error performance.
  • Improved quality check warning to show the highest severity associated with a string.

Powerpoint files uploaded to the Dashboard now have options for selecting slides, master slides, and notes.

Exporting Translation Memory now has the ability to select multiple languages for download.

Character limits can now be specified in iOS and Android resource files. The specific values from the files will be set on the string. Example for iOS Strings:

/This is an instruction/
"thisis.a.key" = "This is a string";

2017 March

New Releases

CAT Tool:

  • Launched shortcut for Save and Next String.
  • Enabled full emoji support in new CAT tool.
  • Made language resources insert shortcuts customizable.
  • Introduced messaging for possible slow performance when list contains large strings.

Build rules to automate how content is packaged into a job through Job Automation. Rules can include or exclude files or URLs, be built for specific languages, and more.

Wordpress: New 1.4.4 release which brings the new way how to register custom post types for localization- no custom code has to be written - just describe what should be localized in the custom post type and the rest will happen automatically. Also extended integration for Wordpress "shortcodes." This was done for upcoming release of Divi Builder localization. In addition, improved memory and CPU usage. Wordpress Connector works only when content editor submits content from Wordpress Admin UI so loading of connector's code by Wordpress when page is rendered for site visitors has been removed.

Improvements & Fixes

CAT Tool:

  • Improved shortcut hover-overs: Now show if shortcut is not set and needs to be updated
  • Improved double-spaced false positive errors in certain connector projects.
  • Fixed TM source showing “No source specified”.
  • Renamed double-space quality check to whitespace check, to account for Asian languages.
  • Fixed broken context when image tag appears in source in word documents.
  • Corrected in-editor spacing errors to account for target locale.
  • Corrected validation for issue type presence on issue create: fixed “Creating Issue” message.
  • Improved string loading behavior in the presence of large glossary updates.
  • Fixed problem inserting “<<” due to conflict with keyboard shortcuts.
  • Fixed incorrect “missing tags” error message, even when tags inserted properly.
  • Made string order in CAT tool consistent with string order in List View.
  • Fixed tag insertion order when source HTML is broken.
  • Improved handling of </br> as a special character.
  • Added source content display to glossary in language resources.
  • Fixed video replay restart when video does not start at 00::00::00.
  • Improved background display of progress with bulk save/ submit.
  • Limited number of language resources available via keyboard shortcut to 10.
  • Corrected keyboard shortcut actions to use i18n.
  • Fixed default keyboard shortcut inconsistencies between classic and new CAT tool.
  • Added tooltip hints for copy tags to target.
  • Improved loading of history and issues panels.

Assign All button has been added to make it easier to assign all content to a single resource.

Word Count Report to view by translation resource in addition to Language and Job.

iOS Files: The includeOriginalStrings parameter has been added to support iOS .stringsdict and .strings files.

Released support for Hybris 6.1.

An addition to the Eloqua connector to allow for automatically rewriting content as it moves from Smartling to Eloqua. The primary use case is to replace phone numbers, email addresses, and other blocks of content to localize it for a particular market.

2017 February

New Releases

TM Leverage Report: See how much content has benefited from leverage of Translation Memory.

Mobile Context Library easily takes screenshots of app screens in iOS and Android.

Improvements & Fixes

Demandware: Addresses issue in applying translations when Demandware does other concurrent updates of products in background (backup; replication stg ↔ prod). Background tasks (for uploading and downloading content) were switched to a new Demandware platform version. Continue refactoring which is required to switch on FAPI v2. Also added Test Connection button in Smartling settings.

Repo: Improvements in SVN flow - it's more robust in case when workspace is in broken state (previous operation failed because of network; security; etc). For Git flow, added validation that workspace is in consistent state. Can be useful for troubleshooting. Also updated validation pattern for client locale code. So now a customer can use any string as client locale code (length: 1 to 50).

Sitecore: Introduced presentation layout customization per language. It means that content editor can adjust presentation (add personalization and so on) for every language without involving developers. We added native support for this feature. Also added the new Sitecore WF step which allows a customer to submit an item to all configured locales. So if client uses WF then upload to Smartling can be just a part of his WF and no need to send content to Smartling explicit. Every new content, or updates in content will be submitted to Smartling automatically.

Wordpress: Released an additional plugin for Wordpress. The core plugin supports translation of built-in WP types including simple customizations, but almost every website uses additional 20-30 plugins which extend WP functionality. And some of these plugins use custom storage for content. The new plugin, Smartling ACF Localization, allows a customer to translate content created by popular ACF plugin (1M+ installations).

2017 January

New Releases

GDN: sl_path_notranslate JSON directive was implemented. It enables XPath for notranslate functionality in JSON.

Word Count Report broken down by job.

Content Changes by Workflow Report shows how workflow could be optimized by removing steps where few changes are made.

Content Velocity Report identifies bottlenecks to optimize workflow.

Improvements & Fixes

AEM Classic Connector:

  • New URL Rewriter: Covers more cases and default behavior. Rewrites everything that is possible and exclusions can be configured.
  • Simplified Integration: For those who built automation on top of Classic connector we simplified integration. Now required input parameters are more straightforward.


  • Added ability to translate 2 new asset types: emails and landing pages.