• Smartling >< Google Drive 🚀



    Smartling's Google Drive Connector is here 🚀

    Get those clouds sync'd up with our latest ready-to-go integration!

    No more tedious downloading files from Drive to upload to Smartling. 

    Hook up with this connector, and you'll find your Drive files listed in Smartling, ready to request translation!

    Once your files are translated, they will be automatically delivered back to your Google Drive.

    For more information, read our Google Drive documentation.



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  • What can I integrate Smartling with?!



    Smartling's integrations are available to take the pain out of the costly and time-consuming process of internationalizing the code of your web content.

    Instead of manually extracting the translatable content and sending it to a Translation Agency, our integrations automatically send your existing and future content to Smartling's TMS, where it can be securely accessed and translated by your translation provider. Once the translations are complete, they can be automatically delivered and displayed in your content platform or on your localized website.

    There are 3 ways you can integrate with Smartling:

    1. The Global Delivery Network (GDN)
    2. APIs
    3. Pre-built Connectors and Plugins


    The way the GDN works with your website is similar to how a filter works with an image. It is a proxy, sitting between your website and your end user, that presents the text on your website in a translated language.

    Once you connect your website domain to a GDN project in Smartling, the content on the pages of your website are captured when the page loads. You can then send that content for translation, and once completed, those translations are stored in Smartling. When an end-user browses any of the captured pages, the GDN automatically and instantly fetches the translations stored in Smartling and presents that to the end-user. 

    For more information, explore the GDN documentation.


    Smartling’s APIs enable you to build customized integrations to meet your individual needs. For example, to automate the translation of content in your custom content management system or some other platform for which a Smartling connector does not yet exist

    For more information, explore the API documentation.


    To help automate your translations process, Smartling offers a range of pre-built integrations that connect to a variety of software. The way the connector works varies depending on the connecting application, but at a high-level, they will all send the content for translation and deliver the translations to the connecting application.

    For more information, read Introduction to Connectors and Plugins and explore the documentation applicable to the connecting application.


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