Bug Bounty Policy

Design Assets (article title)

Header One - purple

Header Two - purple

Header Three - purple

Header Four - black

URL - pink

URL (BOLD) - pink

Paragraph - black

Paragraph (BOLD) - black

warning - red

tip - green

note1 - yellow

note2 - blue


Table Header Table Header Information - purple
Row 1

Example Text

Row 2

Select and search by the following options:

  • Awaiting Authorization – Strings are not yet authorized for translation.
  • In Progress – Strings are authorized for translation but not published.
  • Published – Translation is completed and strings are published.
  • Excluded – Strings have been excluded from translation.
  • Mixed – Strings are in different statuses for different languages. This option is only shown in Source Mode.


Existing Help Center



New Help Center Wireframe



Assets required

  • Brand guidelines
  • Icons for the 5 main tiles on the Help Center Homepage:
  1. Content Owner
  2. Translator
  3. Agency Project Manager (LSP)
  4. Developer
  5. Video Tutorials



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