Translators, Editors, and Reviewers

Download Your Translated Work

Agency Account Owner, Translations Resource Mangers, and Translation Resource users can download translations via the List View or the Strings View.

Download from the List View

  • In Smartling, access the Project Dashboard by clicking the Project name:
    • Click the hyperlinked Project name under the Job name in the Jobs Dashboard
    • Click the Projects dropdown and select a Project
  • Click Translations to bring you to the List View
  • Click the downward arrow beside timestamp
    • Your translated file will download locally


Current downloadable file formats are:

  • Microsoft Office: (docx, pptx, and xlsx)
  • Adobe InDesign (idml)

Download from the Strings View

Although it is not technically a translated file, you can export a CSV file of translated strings from the Strings View:

  • Access the Strings View
  • Filter for the strings you want to export
  • Click Actions > Export
    • A CSV file will download locally containing; String ID, Source Text, Variant, File/URL, Locale, Translation Text.

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