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Smartling Photoshop Plugin User Guide (Legacy)

The Smartling Adobe Photoshop plugin allows Account Owner and Project Manager Smartling users to submit content and context directly from Adobe Photoshop to Smartling for translation, and retrieve the content once it's complete.


  1. Install this installer to your device.
  2. Download the Smartling Adobe Photoshop plugin from our Downloads page.

Apple Mac M1 Installation

If you are working off an Apple Mac with an M1 chip, you will first need to install Rosetta to launch the plugin. On your Mac, do the following:

  • Click the Launchpad icon in the Dock
  • Type Terminal in the search field
  • Click Terminal
  • Type this commandsoftwareupdate --install-rosettaScreenshot_2021-11-24_at_18.47.33.png
  • Then, go to your Applications and find Photoshop in the list
  • Right-click and select Get Info
  • Once the Adobe Photoshop App Info window pops up, select Open using Rosetta
  • Restart Photoshop (quit and re-open) and you're all set!

Access the Smartling Photoshop Plugin

To access the Smartling Photoshop plugin and all its functionality;

  • In Photoshop, open a Photoshop file
  • Click the Plugins menu > Smartling > Account Summary
  • This will automatically log you into your Smartling account
  • Next, select the Smartling Project you want your Photoshop content translated in
  • Choose to exclude irrelevant strings 
    • Enable this setting to exclude strings that are just numbers, symbols or other sequences that don't require translation.
    • Unselect this checkbox to include this content for translation
  • Click Save
  • Once the confirmation flag appears, you can click X to close out the window


Accessing the Plugin

Once installed, the Smartling plugin will be available from Window > Extensions menu in Adobe Photoshop. From here, you can see on the right side of the display Export, Import, and preview with Pseudo translations.

Request Translations

The Smartling Photoshop plugin allows for translating content as files that are uploaded to the Smartling platform.

  1. Click Export to a file to create a JSON file of the content in the current Photoshop image to a JSON file in the location of the open image.
  2. Take a screenshot of your Photoshop image
  3. Upload the JSON file to a Resource File type project in Smartling for translation.

Upload the image file to the Image Context tab in your Resource File project. If you do not have access to the Smartling platform, you can provide your files to your Smartling administrator for translation.

Preview Design Changes

The Smartling Photoshop plugin allows you to create pseudo translated images directly in Photoshop. Pseudo translation allows for mimicking the effect of translation on the layout of an image without actually doing the translation. The extension automatically creates two new pseudo translated images - one with word size expanded and another with word size reduced.

Download and Import Translations

To create translated images from a translated file:

  1. Download the translated JSON files from Smartling.
  2. Use Import translations from file, select the JSON file containing the translated content, and the plugin will create a new translated image in Photoshop.

Make sure that the corresponding Photoshop (.psd) file is already open in Photoshop during import. Also, do not change the file names of the Photoshop or JSON files.

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