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Managing People on a Workflow

After you create and configure a workflow, the next step is to assign the people to each of the workflow steps (or tasks). Once that is complete (and they have activated their account if a new user), the final step is to ensure you have the right people assigned to each step.

To Manage People on a workflow step

  • In a Smartling Project, go to the Workflow Configuration
  • On a workflow step, click the downward arrow and select Manage People.
    • From here, you can manage the users you have access to the step for each language.
    • If you don't have any users assigned to the language on that step, you will see a direct link to the Teams page, where you can add a user and specify workflow assignments.
  • Choose a language from the user's language dropdown.
  • Give the user access to the step by selecting the checkbox beside their name.
  • Remove user access to content in that step by unselecting the checkbox beside their name.
  • Click Done.

Alternative Use Cases

These steps are also useful if you want to pause access to content for a certain user without unassigning them from each task under Teams.

Another use case is if you want to onboard users to Smartling without them seeing any content on their dashboard, you can add a user and specify workflow assignments via Teams and unselect their name here, so they won't see any content on their dashboard, but still gain access for testing and training.

When they're ready to start working on your content, follow the above steps and select their name.

When assigning users, you will only see those who are available to work in the step. A user is considered available if they have been invited to the project and activated their Smartling account. Agency translators will not be displayed as they are managed by Agency Account Owner users. 

Read Manage Users and Agencies for more information.

What's Next?

You're ready to translate content in the workflow!

Don't forget to check out how to Change a Default Workflow for a language.

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