Getting Started with Smartling

What is Smartling?

Smartling is a translation technology and services company. Smartling is how many of the world’s largest and most trusted brands manage the localization of their website content, software, apps and documents.

Localization, refers to the adaptation of your content to your target markets' native language and culture. Your brand's content should not only be translated correctly, but also feel native to all consumer markets around the world. Smartling offers a complete solution for your localization efforts, which is built on 3 pillars:

  1. Automated integrations
  2. Cloud-based Translation Management System (TMS)
  3. Translation services

Automated Integrations

Our pre-built connectors, web proxy GDN, and APIs are available to take the pain out of the costly and time-consuming process of internationalizing the code of your web content.

Instead of manually extracting the translatable content and sending it to a Translation Agency, our integrations automatically send your existing and future content to Smartling's TMS, where it can be securely accessed and translated by your translation provider. Once the translations are complete, they can be automatically delivered and displayed in your content platform or on your localized website.

This automated way of sending content for translation and retrieving the finished translations not only speeds up the process; it also significantly reduces the risk of any human error.

Cloud-based Translation Management System (TMS)

The actual translation process takes place in Smartling's cloud-based Translation Management System (TMS).

This is a centralized hub which enables you to manage and monitor the entire translation process.

Specialized resources like a Translation Memory, as well as our proprietary CAT Tool featuring visual context for your translators, help optimize the speed, cost, quality and consistency of your translations.

With free Smartling user accounts, everyone who is involved in the translation of your content works together in the same platform in a transparent and collaborative way: from content authors and internal stakeholders to your translators and local team members who might want to approve the translations. 

With Smartling, all translation processes, vendors, guidelines and assets are centralized in one single platform. This ensures that your brand is portrayed consistently across all translations.

Rich dashboards give you full visibility into the status of your translation requests in real time. Cost estimates are available immediately in the Smartling platform, so you can approve the quote and kick off new translation requests with just one click of a button.

Flexible workflows allow you to choose exactly who should be involved in the translation process. Once the new content is available for your translators, they receive automated email notifications from Smartling to eliminate the need for manually crafted emails. They can access all relevant information, such as your deadline and translation preferences, directly in Smartling. 

Comprehensive reports give you full insight into your translation volumes, speed and quality, to make localization a data-driven process without any guesswork. 

Professional Translation Services

In addition to our Translation Management System, you can also avail of our comprehensive services offering.

To keep your entire localization process under the one roof, with one vendor, you can avail of our first-class in-house Smartling Language Services offering to receive high-quality, professional translation services and to benefit from having a complete translation solution under one roof.

If your organization doesn't have the bandwidth to dedicate enough resources to localization, you can avail of Smartling's on-demand Professional Services. Our teams of Implementation Managers and Solution Architects are technical experts equipped to help with any integrations, and our team of Localization Project Coordinators are Smartling experts, ready to manage your localization process. 

For more information on Smartling's translation services, contact your Customer Success Manager.

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