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Multirow Data Extension in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud now supports the translation of Multirow DataExtensions. Multirow DataExtensions allows importing and exporting of multiple rows per a single locale in a DataExtension

DataExtension is a table-like entity in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It has a column definition (schema) where each column is specified with its type and “primary key” flag.

DataExtensions are used to dynamically fill email templates with text. For example, Data Extensions typically contain a row for each component or content item in an email. Primary keys specify the identifier of the email component the row belongs to.

In the Data Extensions table, the first column, typically known as the language column, should specify the source locale using the correct source locale code.

Translating Multirow Data Extensions

When you have completed the table in Salesforce and are ready to translate, follow these simple steps;

  1. Go to your Salesforce Marketing Cloud project in Smartling
  2. Click the Salesforce tab
  3. Choose Multirow Data Extension from the Salesforce filter
  4. Select the assets for translations
  5. Click Actions > Request Translation
  6. Choose the target languages
  7. Click Authorize. Content will be authorized into the Default Workflow for each selected language.

When the translations are complete, Smartling will populate the Data Extension table with the target language translations, under the source content. The same number rows will be seen in the target language as the source. 

For more information, read Translating with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.



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