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Submit Translations to Smartling

In Smartling, translation works through jobs, with which you can group and prioritize content for translation, as well as monitor progress. That means that all content coming from Figma will be placed into a new job in the Smartling platform. Using the Figman plugin will also provide automatic Visual Context for linguists in the CAT Tool for images up to 50M pixels.

To submit your Figma content into a Smartling job, you'll need to use the Submit Translation option within the Smartling Figma plugin. Here is everything you need to do in order to submit your translation successfully:

  1. Launch Figma Desktop App
  2. Open a new or existing Figma prototype file.
  3. In the Figma menu (top left), click Plugins > Development > Smartling.
  4. Select the pages you'd like to translate, select Next
  5. Once you've selected the pages, you'll need to identify which frames/strings you'd like to translate. The frames/strings are organized by the page they belong to. Simply select the checkbox of strings/frame to send for translation and deselect the checkbox of strings/frames to exclude for translation as seen below:

  6. Once you've identified the frames/strings that you'd like to translate, select the Next button
  7. You'll now need to fill out some information to create your job. Choose to Create a new Job and type in your job name, or Add to existing job and choose from the list of existing jobs in progress in Smartling.
  8. Specify your due date and leave some special instructions in the description for the translation team if you'd like.
  9. You can also decide to Pre-authorize these jobs for translation if your translation team requests you to do so. If you choose not to Pre-authorize, you will need to log into Smartling and Authorize the job for translation to commence the translation process.
  10. Lastly, select which languages you'd like to translate into, if a language is missing, please contact your translation team and ask them to add the desired language to your Smartling project.
  11. Now you'll hit Next/Submit and your Smartling job will be created and delivered to the translation team.


 Next, you'll need to check the translation status and download the translations. Check out our article on Applying Translations in Figma.

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