Sitecore Connector

Upgrade Sitecore Connector

Upgrade Preparation

    1. Backup the SitecoreLocalization database. The backup is useful if something goes wrong and you wish to rollback to the previous state.
    2. Check the version of your installed connector. You can do this by checking the name of the most recent installed package.


      Or open the file properties of <your site>\Website\bin\Smartling.Connector.dll

    3. Review release notes starting from your version to the latest one.

      If you'll be using a new version, or it's a version with a major upgrade (ie. the version's first or second number is different), make sure there are no additional migration steps. For example:
      • Your installed version is 1.10.1 but the latest version is 1.10.4. That would be considered a minor upgrade and wouldn't require any migration.
      • If you're using version 1.8.0 and the latest one is 1.9.1, then while you're reviewing the release notes, you will find a link with the migration steps.image5.png
      • If you're using 1.9.0 and the latest one is 1.10.4, then that would be considered a major upgrade. It's fully backward compatible, and the release notes don’t contain any additional migration steps.

You can always find references to all migration manuals here.

4. Perform migration steps if you found one within the previous step.

Install New Version

  1. Download three new packages from Downloads page.
  2. Install the package.

When Sitecore asks you what to do with the items that already exist in the database, in most cases you should choose Skip and Apply to all.


This happens because the installation already has some configuration, but the new package also has a Default dummy configuration.

By selecting Skip, you're telling Sitecore to preserve your existing configuration. If you choose Overwrite or Merge, then you will lose your configuration and you will have to configure it from scratch.

3. Install the package.

4. Install the package.


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