CLI Overview

In addition to our language specific SDKs, clients have used our BASH scripts or otherwise directly accessed the Smartling API. The CLI (Command Line Interface) tool is designed as a replacement for direct access, and replaces our BASH scripts for accessing v2 of the API. Follow these steps to get you started with uploading, downloading, and getting a full list of files in Smartling's Files API.

Download and Documentation

All the details for installing and using the CLI tool are in the public GitHub page. Go to Smartling CLI.

Best Practices for Storing Credentials

The most convenient way to use the tool is to create configuration file(s) that will store your basic credentials and preferences. The 'init' command can help with this.

Your config file has sensitive information. We recommend using best practices for securely storing your credentials.

The following information from Amazon Web Services covers this topic and the same is applicable to your Smartling CLI Tool initialization file.


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