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Translating Content in Your Theme using the Zendesk Connector

Smartling uses the Zendesk API to retrieve Articles and Dynamic Content from your Zendesk account for translation. Text that is part of your Zendesk Theme is not directly available via the Zendesk API.

In order for your Help Center homepage theme or template to have custom content that can be translated via the Smartling Zendesk Connector it needs to be added via Dynamic Content curly bars references.

The syntax for using curlybars in a template or template is different from using them in macros or emails. In a template the syntax is {{dc 'dynamic-content-item-name'}}.

For more information about Zendesk Help Center templates read this and this.

How to replace text in your theme with Dynamic Content

  1. Copy the text you want to localize from your Zendesk theme.
  2. In your Zendesk Dashboard, create a new piece of Dynamic Content and paste in your theme text.
  3. Replace the text in your Zendesk theme with your new Dynamic Content tag.

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