Translating Files

Troubleshooting Translated Business Documents

When viewing and deploying translated business documents, it is important to remember that most fonts do not contain the characters necessary to display content in every language.

When you upload a file to Smartling, only the text of the file is captured and translated. This means that, when you download your translated file, it’s font may not support all the new characters. These characters will be displayed as empty boxes, sometimes referred to as ‘tofu’.

If you open a translated file and it’s full of tofu, it doesn’t mean that the file is corrupted. It may just be that your current font can’t display the translation. To view these files, you need to have a font with the required characters.

Choosing an appropriate final font for your translated files is an important design decision, but if you just want to check your translations, a good place to start is with Google’s Noto collection of fonts. Noto fonts are available to support most languages and scripts.

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