Preparing & Translating Supported File Types

Localizing Templated Applications

Many modern web stacks use HTML-like templates to compile a browser view. This can happen on the server or client side. HTML-like template styles include Angular, Backbone, Ember, Blaze, Handlebars, EJS, etc. Because these files look a lot like HTML, and sometimes even have a .html extension, you may want to upload them to Smartling as HTML files and try to translate them. However, Smartling does not support parsing HTML-like templates as HTML files.

If you are localizing a templated application, the best practice is to externalize ALL strings into a resource file and translate that resource file, rather than translating the template. Libraries are available for most web platforms to pass strings to your templating engine in the correct language, according to client IP address or the user’s stated preference. This is optimal both for translation with Smartling and for performance and scalability of your localized app.

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