WordPress Connector

Install Via WP Engine

The WordPress Connector is available to sites managed via WP Engine. Follow the steps below to instal and configure the Connector.

Create and Configure a Site from WP Engine

  1. From WP Engine, in the Installs field, click Add install.
  2. Complete the form and select Multisite.
    • The install will take several minutes.
  3. Now, login to WordPress and navigate to My Sites > Network Admin > Dashboard.
  4. Install the following plugins:
    • Multilingual Press
    • WP Crontrol
    • Smartling Connector

Configure Multilingual Press and Create Translated Sites

  1. Go to My Sites > Network Admin > Sites and edit your primary site.
  2. Go to the Multilingual Press tab, choose your default language and save it.
  3. For each language:
    • Click Create Site.
    • Complete the form and select the main site. (If you want to set up subdomains you will need to contact customer support.)

Configure WP Crontrol

  1. Edit your wp-config file and add the line: define('DISABLE_WP_CRON', true);
  2. Return to your main site Dashboard and go to Tools > Crontrol.
  3. Locate smartling_cron_task.
  4. In the Event schedule field, select the desired interval, and save it.
  5. If you want to save your interval, go to Settings > Cron Schedules.
  6. Complete the form and save it.
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