Hybris Connector

Hybris Connector Configure Profiles and Projects

The Hybris connector allows for multiple configuration profiles to be used and assigned to catalog versions. This enables a catalog to be assigned to a specific Smartling project. If a catalog version does not have an assigned Smartling configuration profile then the "default" profile will be used.

A Smartling configuration profile allows for different settings for catalog versions:

  • Smartling project
  • Source language and set of target languages
  • Automatically authorize content if required

Using the sample Hybris Powertools and Electronics catalogs, below is step-by-step guide on how to submit two catalogs to two different Smartling projects with a different set of target languages.

  1. Create Smartling configuration profile for Powertools:
    • Select default configuration and clone it.
    • Give it a new name.
    • Update Smartling credentials.
    • Configure desired languages.
  2. Repeat steps above and create configuration for the Electronics catalog. (Now, two new configurations exist which are pointed to different Smartling projects and have different target languages.)

  3. Go to Catalogs, find, and unfold their versions.

  4. Click on electronicsProductCatalog - Staged
    • Switch to Smartling tab
    • Assign Electronics configuration

  5. Repeat steps above for powertoolsProductCatalog - Staged. Use Powertools configuration. (Configuration is now complete. You can now submit products and find a new content in different Smartling projects.)

  6. Open product cockpit and select any product from Powertools Product Catalog Staged. Submit it. You may notice the configuration profile name and list of target languages defined in this configuration.

  7. Submit product from Electronics Product Catalog Staged.

    Again, another profile name and another set of target languages is shown in the Submission dialog.

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