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In-App Review of Your Mobile App

This feature has been deprecated

Smartling no longer supports the SDK that enabled in-app review. It is left available for use as-is for Smartling customers who are interested in developing their own custom solutions. We are unable to provide support on usage of the SDK or any any SDK specific Smartling hosted services (api endpoints) that they rely on.  

Users can use image context and Smartling web based CAT tool to perform review of translations with or without context. 

With Smartling’s In-App Review feature, you can review and edit your mobile application's UI strings while the app is running, either on a simulator or on device.

Smartling In-App Review Framework must be installed in your mobile application before you get started. Ask your mobile engineers if In-App Review is enabled for your app.

Understanding In-App Review for All Users

When you perform in-app review of translations, you are running a version of your mobile app that has been especially configured with your company's Smartling project. This allows the app to dynamically load the latest translations that have been saved in the Smartling platform and show them to you in the application. In other words the app loads translations that are more recent than what was included in the last build of the app, so that the translation can be reviewed and finalized. Once they are finalized (published) in the Smartling workflow, they become the translations that the app is built and shipped with.

In order to access the in-app review features, you must have a Smartling user account that has the permissions to view and edit translations in the project that the app is configured to get translations from. If you are an Account Owner or a Project Manager for the relevant project, you can access all languages, workflows, and steps in that project. If you are a Translator, your Smartling Account Owner or Project Manager will make sure that your Smartling profile has access to the relevant languages and workflow steps.

In-App Review Highlights for Account Owners and Project Managers

Using the in-app review feature requires that you prepare your Smartling project and work with your mobile developers who will integrate the Smartling mobile SDK and enable the in-app review feature for the correct builds of your app.

Turn on the Review Environment

  1. Install a version of the app that has Smartling's In-app Review feature enabled.
  2. Launch the app.
  3. Enable the Smartling In-app Review mode.
    • Open up the Smartling Actions Panel with a 2-second press with three fingers: (alt+ click & hold in an iOS simulator).
    • Log in with your Smartling credentials.
  4. Select the language you want to review.
  5. Select the Workflow step you want to review. This will affect the text you see in the App. Strings in your selected step and published strings will be displayed in your selected language. All other strings will be displayed in your source language.
  6. The screen will show when translated strings in your App were last updated. To download the latest translations from Smartling click Get Latest Text.
  7. Click Close to begin reviewing.

Editing in Context

Once you have set up your review environment, you can use your app normally and edit your strings in context. A long press on any string will bring up the editor for that string. A long press elsewhere on the screen will bring up an editor for all strings in the current view and its subviews.

From the editor, you can:

  • Directly edit the text of a string. Take care when making edits, as there is currently no undo function.
  • Click Accept to advance the string to the next workflow step.
  • Click Reject to return the string to the previous workflow step. This action will open the issue dialog. Select an issue type and give a reason for rejecting the string. Reject will only be available if the workflow step allows Reviewers to reject strings.


Placeholders are displayed in the editor as Variable fields.

Submit Your Review

Any in-context edits only affect your local device until you submit your edits to Smartling. To submit your changes, open the Smartling Actions Panel with a 2-second, three-finger press (alt + click & hold on iOS simulator) and select Save My Changes.

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