Methods for Capturing Visual Context

Overwrite Existing Context

By default, the Smartling Chrome Content Capture Extension will not override existing context for a string. To replace context for a string, either use the Reset Context action in the list view before using the Extension, or use the Select Strings function to override existing context for selected strings.

You can also control context overwrite in the Chrome Context Capture Extension by marking your site code with Smartling HTML classes. This is especially useful when automating. To override context for an entire page, add the two classes “sl-override-context sl-translate” to the page’s HTML tag.

To override context for specific elements on the page:

  1. Add the “sl-notranslate” class to the HTML tag of the page.
  2. Add the two classes “sl-override-context sl-translate” to the elements you want to override context for. Any nested child elements will also be overwritten.

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