Smartling uses OAuth 2 for authentication. To access the Smartling APIs, you'll first need to authenticate with your user identifier and user secret. See API Tokens for more information.

When using Smartling APIs, keep in mind that the authentication header format is Authorization: Bearer {token}

Access tokens expire every 5-minutes, but you can get a new token by calling the Refresh Authentication API, using the refresh token returned by a successful Authentication. Refresh tokens are valid for 1 hour. You can refresh your Authentication for up to 24-hours before you need to log in again with an Authenticate request.

There are two main ways to handle OAuth authentication, depending on how you’re using the Smartling APIs. The first way is to call the Authentication API before any other API call and pass the access token directly. This is best for intermittent API access.

If you’re integrating Smartling into an application or making a high number of calls, you may want to maintain a current access token as a variable, updating it regularly via the Refresh Authentication API.

Not sure which API version (v1.0 or v2.0) you are using? Contact support@smartling.com.

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