Smartling uses OAuth 2 for authentication. To access the Smartling APIs, you'll first need to authenticate with your user identifier and user secret. See API Tokens for more information.

When using Smartling APIs, keep in mind that the authentication header format is Authorization: Bearer {token}.

Upon authentication, the API response contains the amount of time in seconds that the access token and refresh token are valid. When your access token is about to expire, refresh your authentication token by calling the Refresh Authentication API. You can continue to refresh your authentication until the Refresh Authentication API returns an 4xx HTTP status code, after which you must re-authenticate.

No matter how you use Smartling APIs (intermittently or at a high volume), Smartling recommends that you maintain a current access token as a variable, updating it regularly via the Refresh Authentication API.

Not sure which API version (v1.0 or v2.0) you are using? Contact support@smartling.com.

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