GitHub Connector

GitHub User Setup

This article is for Account Owners and Project Managers.

If your localization resource files are in a GitHub repository, the Smartling GitHub connector may be the ideal option for automating the process of sending source files to Smartling, and getting translations into your repository, where you need them. The Smartling hosted GitHub connector is designed to work well with standard development practices. It’s important to understand how and when files will move between the repository and your Smartling project.

Follow these steps to create a GitHub user specifically for use with Smartling.

  1. Go to and create a new user.
  1. Click continue.
  1. Step 3, as seen below, can be skipped.
  2. Confirm the email address of the user.
  1. Go to Settings > Security and set up two-factor authentication.
  2. Create a localization team for you organization. (You’ll need to be logged in as an admin for your organization).
  3. Invite the newly created user to this team.
  4. Add repositories to be localized to the team, and make sure the team has admin access.

Please see our FAQ for more information about the Admin access requirements.


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