Contentful Connector

Enable Localization of Contentful

Before using the Smartling Contentful Connector, you will need to make a couple of minor configuration changes to your Contentful account. Below are the steps to enable languages for translation and flag content to be sent to Smartling for translation.

Enable Languages

  1. Log in to your Contentful account.
  2. Click Space Settings > Locales.
  3. Click Add Locale and select the new locale.
  4. Click Save.

You can read more about customizing your localization preferences on the Contentful Help Site.

Flag Content for Translation

Now that languages have been enabled in your Contentful account, you will need to signal to Smartling the content that should (or should not) be translated. This is done by editing a Field in Contentful and enabling/flagging the content. Doing this will then signal, to Smartling, the content that needs to be ingested once the Contentful Connector is set up.

To enable/flag localization of fields in Contentful:

  1. Log in to your Contentful account.
  2. Select the Content model menu. 
  3. Click the content type.
  4. Click the Settings link for each content type you wish to enable.
  5. Click Enable localization of this field then click Save.


Your Contentful account is now ready to be connected to Smartling.

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