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Send Translated Content to Contentful

This article is for Account Owners and Project Managers.

By default, Contentful content that is translated in Smartling will automatically be sent back to Contentful. (However, if you prefer, you can configure this behavior in Contentful > Contentful Settings.)

Export Translations

At any time, you can also manually export all translations back to Contentful.

  1. Log in to Smartling.
  2. Go to Projects (select your Contentful Connector project) > Contentful > Contentful Content.
  3. Select the assets for which you wish to export. 
  4. From the Request Translation drop-down menu, select Export Translation. Alternatively, you can click the name of an asset and click Export or Export All (if there is more than language).

Bulk Actions and Select All

All actions are now "bulk" actions and will apply to all selected strings. You must make a selection before you can take any action. You can also take an action on all of the items in a result set without navigating to all of the result pages.

To perform an action on the entire result set:

  1. Select the All on this page checkbox that is in the table's header row.
  2. Choose the Select all matching current filter option that appears after you have selected all on the page.


Request Translation

When using the bulk actions feature to Request Translations, you can choose to create a new job or added the selected assets to an existing job.


Once you click Next, you will get confirmation that your job request is being processed.


The number of bulk job requests processed will be seen on the top right of the page. You can check the status of the Job Request by clicking the number icon.


This will open the Recent Job Processes dialog where you can view the details and status of each bulk Job Request taken. You can cancel any incomplete Job Requests by clicking the 3 dots under Actions > Stop Process


View Translations in Contentful

Follow these steps to view content that has been translated in Smartling and returned to Contentful.

  1. Log in to Contentful.
  2. Select the Content or Media menu then click on the appropriate asset.
  3. On the right-hand side of the page, click Change.
  4. The Choose Translations dialog will appear. Select the languages for the translations you would like to view.

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