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Provide or Replace your SSL Certificate

This article is for IT & Networking Specialists using the Global Delivery Network. 

In most cases, this SSL certificate must be provided to Smartling to host on our Global Delivery Network infrastructure delivering your localized sites in order for a secure connection to be established, and for visitors to view your localized sites without security errors.

SSL Certificate Requirements

Smartling requires “wildcard” or UC/SAN certificates to cover localized domains. Certificates must be Trusted CA-signed. Self-signed certificates are not supported

Your organization is responsible for obtaining and maintaining all necessary SSL certificates, including any required periodic renewals, and for ensuring that Smartling is provided with these certificates. Smartling is not responsible for errors resulting from a failure to maintain and supply your SSL certificates as described above.

The Global Delivery Network will not operate for your HTTPS pages unless you provide Smartling with a valid SSL certificate.

Provide or Replace an SSL Certificate

To supply or replace an SSL certificate for a localized domain, contact to obtain login credentials to a secure SSL certificate upload portal. Be prepared to provide the following in PEM or PFX format via the certificate portal:

  1. SSL certificate
  2. Private key
  3. Intermediate chain files 

Once we have obtained your new SSL certificate files via this portal, we can complete the installation process.

* If you cannot provide your Private Key, Smartling can generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR). You can then generate an SSL certificate from this.

We recommend you begin the process to replace your current SSL certificate at least 10 business days before the expiration date.

If you are changing the type of SSL certificate or the domains covered by your current SSL certificate, we may need to have you update the Smartling CNAME your localized domains are currently pointed to via DNS or traffic routing. If you are unsure, contact for additional guidance on SSL certificates and the GDN.

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