Video Tutorials for Linguists

Linguists and Proofreaders - Video Tutorials

These videos are for Linguists and Proofreaders (also referred to at Smartling as Translation Resources - comprised of Translators, Editors, and Reviewers).

Modules 3B, 3C, 4, and 5 are still to come.

Module Video Title Intended User
- 3-min Overview for Translators (03:24) Translators
Module 1 Welcome to Smartling (05:37) All TRs
Module 2 Login and Access the Smartling Projects Dashboard (05:02) All TRs
Module 3A Context View, Save, and Submit Translations (05:36) Translators 
Module 3B Context View, Edit, Confirm, Submit, and Reject Translations  Editors
Module 3C Context View, Edit, Confirm, Submit, Reject, and Publish Translations  Reviewers
Module 4 Panels All TRs
Module 5 Settings and Keyboard Shortcuts All TRs


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