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Exclude Help Center Content from Translation with the Zendesk Connector

Some content in your Help Center Categories, Sections, or Articles may not be for translation. For example, you have might code examples or other blocks of text that should never be translated, even in your localized Help Center.

There are two options for excluding content from translation

  1. Exclude strings via the Dashboard
  2. Add a “notranslate” class attribute to the relevant HTML section of the content, for example the <P> tag.
    • You can add a SPAN for granular control
    • Go to the Zendesk Guide content editor
    • Click the edit source code button; </>
    • Find the content you want to exclude
    • Insert class attribute <p class="notranslate">This sentence will not be translated</p>


The Zendesk editor is “smart”. If you add notranslate tags to your content it might automatically add them to additional tags even while using the WYSIWYG editor. It also may reformat your HTML after you close the advanced editor.

Check your HTML carefully after editing any article and use the source code editing feature to add notranslate tags.

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