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Providing feedback on translations and requesting rework

After your translations have been delivered you may have feedback about the translations that you want to share with the translators. You might even want to request that the translation be reviewed or updated. In both cases the best way to ask for the translators to review specific translations is to find the translation in the Published list, then use the Reject action.


To reach Published content:

  1. Click “Workflow” from the project home page
  2. Click the # under Published for the language and workflow where you translations are
  3. Open the published menu to select the Reject action

The system will ask you to create an Issue describing why you are rejecting the string.

Important Considerations

You must provide specific reasons for rejecting specific translations. You should not reject all translations for a file or order with general non-specific feedback. If you have a larger concern or question about the translations you received and cannot provide details for specific translations please reach out to support first describing your concern, and we will let you know if you should move forward with translation rejections or not.

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